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BMW 1-series Convertible Official Press Photos

So finally, months after the BMW 135i Official Press Photos have been released, new official documents showing the BMW 1-series convertible have been released to the press. The BMW 1-series convertible line for the U.S market will include two models: BMW 128i and BMW 135i cabriolets. The BMW 128i convertible will be launched in the same as the coupe version, Spring 2008, and the 135i convertible later in 2008.

Here is an interesting quote, something that we haven't read before:

"The standard soft top is available in either black or taupe cloth, but it is the optional Moonlight Black version which is unique to the 1 Series Convertible. Interwoven with fine shiny metallic fibers, this distinctive top produces a shimmery metallic silver appearance in sunlight."

The drop top descends in just 22 seconds, which is pretty good, an improvement over previous models.

In the mean time, enjoy the beautiful pictures and more will come.

Full press release after the photos.

Update: More hi-res photos on this next BMW 1-series convertible article

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

BMW 1-series convertible

More hi-res photos on this next BMW 1-series convertible article

For those whose definition of pure driving pleasure includes wind in the face and sunshine above, the new BMW 1 Series Convertible follows the tradition established by the iconic BMW 2002 sport sedan. The essence of such driving purity – a responsive six-cylinder engine positioned within a rear-drive chassis to provide balanced, sporty dynamics – is at the heart of this compact four-place convertible.

The 128i Convertible, which joins the new 1 Series Coupe going on sale in the spring of 2008, will be powered by BMW’s 3.0-liter, 230 horsepower inline six-cylinder engine generating 200 lb-ft of torque. Like its fixed-roof stablemate, the 128i Convertible will feature Valvetronic valvetrain management and aluminum/magnesium cylinder block construction-core elements of BMW’s EfficientDynamics.

The 135i Convertible, on sale later in 2008, features BMW’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine producing 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque from as low as 1,400 rpm. With its direct piezo gasoline injectors, twin low-mass turbochargers and air-to-air intercooler, optimum performance and economy is achieved with no loss in engine response. For the 135i Convertible, acceleration from 0-62 mph is accomplished in 5.6 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. Both engines feature on-demand engine coolant pumps that improve fuel economy and reduce parasitic losses for increased efficiency.

Distinctive BMW Convertible appearance

In a mere 22 seconds-even on the move at speeds up to 25 miles per hour-the occupants within the 1 Series Convertible can go from encapsulated comfort to top-down exhileration. If conditions dictate, the electro-hydraulically-operated softtop can be raised within the same 22 seconds, producing a distinctive silhouette enhanced by long frameless doors. The characteristic features of the BMW kidney-shaped grill, front skirt, door sills and rear skirt are identical to those of the 1 Series Coupe.

The standard softtop is available in either black or taupe cloth, but it is the optional Moonlight Black version which is unique to the 1 Series Convertible. Interwoven with fine shiny metallic fibers, this distinctive top produces a shimmery metallic silver appearance in sunlight. The visual effect enhances the convertible’s exciting range of nine colors which includes an exclusive hue: Cashmere Silver Metallic.

A distinctive feature of the 1 Series Convertible is the flared shoulder line which runs parallel to the road. This shoulder line flows from the hood past the A pillar to the trunk lid, forming a surface which encompasses the entire interior, giving the impression of a boat deck.

The view from the rear is influenced by the position of the softtop: with the top lowered, completely concealed in the tail, the look is flat and elegant; the appearance with the top up is broad shouldered. The trunk lid has an integrated spoiler chiseled into the rear end of the car to accentuate the short rear section. On the 135i, an additional lip spoiler provides greater downforce on the rear end at high speeds.

The individual sections within the L-shaped rear taillights give the vehicle a lower, sportier look. Horizontal lights integrated in the rear light clusters offer a homogeneous lighting effect with the help of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This light design, as found on other BMW models, makes the BMW 1 Series Convertible stand out at night. Also, the Adaptive Brakelights operating in two stages in relation to brake application force are yet another feature typical of BMW, with the additional benefit of extra safety on the road.

The standard (on the 135i) Adaptive Xenon Headlights (optional on the 128i), complete with integrated cornering lights, make driving in the dark safer than ever. The daytime headlight function, in typical BMW style, uses the four corona rings around each headlight to enhance the visibility of the car under normal and “murky” light conditions.

Convertible interior features technology enhanced comfort, convenience

Two unique BMW 1 Series Convertible features provide increased driver and passenger comfort, thus improving the overall experience regardless of the top’s position. The optional Boston leather incorporates BMW’s Sun Reflective Technology where pigments worked into the upholstery mitigate the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Excessive heating of the seats and armrest is diminished, especially for darker interior colors. The overall effect can produce surface temperatures some 20 degrees Fahrenheit below a comparable “normal” leather interior.

The standard upholstery is a sporty and comfortable Leatherette, which is also the covering on the optional Sport Package’s sports bucket seats with enhanced side support (Boston leather can be selected for this package).

The climate-control system in the 1 Series Convertible has an additional convertible mode (compared to the system in the BMW 1 Series Coupe) designed for open-roof conditions. The three standard modes; gentle, medium and intensive, react primarily to interior sensors, while the convertible mode reacts less to interior temperature and more to the exterior temperature and sunlight factors to establish the intensity of the ventilation.

Turbulence in the roof-down cabin can be reduced by an available wind deflector which can be affixed to the sides of the vehicle with a few adjustments. The wind deflector allows for conversation at normal sound levels and the ability to enjoy the wide variety of audio and communication offerings which include SIRIUS satellite radio, HD radio, the optional Premium Sound system and Bluetooth. For simple and straightforward connection of an MP3 player, an auxiliary input jack is standard and a USB port for direct control of an Apple iPod or iPhone media player is available as an option.

The control console for the entertainment and climate-control functions is integrated smoothly and harmoniously into the dashboard through its soft radii and flowing surfaces. With the optional navigation system, the iDrive controller is integrated in the center console, following BMW’s characteristic philosophy of full driver control at all times. Galvanized pearl gloss surfaces adorn the interior door handles, the glove compartment handle, the radio’s rotary knobs, the knobs of the automatic air conditioning system, the iDrive controller, and the ornamental trim strips featured on the sport steering wheel.

Enhanced iDrive provides programmable memory keys BMW’s iDrive is included with the optional navigation system. It enables the driver to control all secondary and comfort functions such as communication, air conditioning, entertainment and navigation functions easily and conveniently.

This latest version of iDrive is equipped with six Programmable Memory Keys allowing the driver to program often-used functions such as navigation destinations, radio stations or specific telephone numbers. Touch-sensitive sensors on each button allow the driver to preview the function on the iDrive screen before the button is fully depressed, activating the command. This allows the driver to choose the stored function safely and conveniently, keeping his or her eyes on the road in the process.

Spacious trunk supplemented by folding seat backs and storage bag

An active couple can carry their gear, regardless of the season, thanks to the generous trunk space offered by the 1 Series Convertible. Two golf bags will fit in the trunk of the new 1 Series Convertible – even with the top down! Lowering the soft top produces a storage space that is 8.48 cubic-feet, which does not include the optional large storage bag that extends into the passenger compartment and can accommodate two snow boards or a golf bag without soiling the upholstery. A zippered opening allows access into the storage bag from within the passenger compartment. High-tech suspension with newly-developed differential In traditional BMW style, the new BMW 1 Series Convertible transmits the power of the engine to the rear wheels.

This design concept and configuration – engine at the front, drive wheels at the rear – guarantees optimum traction, near-perfect weight distribution front-to-rear, excellent directional stability, and predictable handling. The front suspension is also built to a standard quite unique to its competitive group. The new 1 Series Convertible shares the 1 Series Coupe’s sophisticated suspension system with an aluminum double-pivot front suspension and a five-link fully independent rear suspension in lightweight steel to offer an optimum combination of stiffness and low weight. The very stable track control arms and thrust rods make an important contribution to the car’s driving dynamics and provide exacting wheel control.

The standard BMW Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) includes a Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) function that provides electronic intervention to prevent loss of vehicle control, but at a higher threshold before activation. This allows the driver to experience more spirited driving on dry roads and offers more flexibility when driving in more challenging conditions such as in the snow. If the driver desires, both DSC and DTC can be disabled. Active Steering, a variable ratio steering system exclusive to BMW, is available as an option.

The rear differential on the 1 Series comes from a new generation of final drives optimized for running smoothness. Featuring double-helical ball bearings for the first time, the differential runs at an even lower operating temperature reached more quickly than before thanks to the reduction of fluid required in the differential. Like the 1 Series Coupe, the Convertible features an electronic limited slip function built into the vehicle’s Dynamic Stability Control system.

Safety equipment maximized for convertible design The four standard airbags in the new BMW 1 Series Convertible are designed for the optimum protection of the car’s occupants. The advanced frontal airbags are activated in stages in relation to impact severity while the side airbags integrated into the sides of the front seat backrests reduce the risk of injury at chest, hip and head levels in side impact situations. The new BMW 1 Series Convertible also comes with crash-optimized seats with specially padded headrests and backrests designed to reduce the risk of injury in an impact from the rear.

All seats within the 1 Series Convertible are fitted with three-point inertia-reel seat belts and headrests, with the front seat belts str fastened on the frames of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, keeping the belt in an optimum position around the occupant’s hips regardless of seat height or fore-aft placement.

Also, the driver’s pedals move back automatically with a predetermined amount of deformation in the event of a frontal collision so that the risk of driver foot injury is reduced. And last but not least, the rear seats come standard with LATCH attachments for child seats.

The new BMW 1 Series Convertible is equipped with a roll-over sensor, which continually monitors the vertical and horizontal movements of the vehicle. As soon as the sensors register the danger of the vehicle rolling over, two roll bars are extended in fractions of a second from their storage areas behind the rear headrests.

Simultaneously, the front-seat-belt tensioners and the head airbags are activated. Further roll-over protection is offered by the optimized stability of the A pillar and windshield frame.

BMW Ultimate Service(TM):

Providing owners with incredible value and peace of mind The BMW 1 Series Convertible will feature BMW Ultimate ServiceTM, a suite of services that includes the BMW Maintenance Program (formerly called Full Maintenance), Roadside Assistance and the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. BMW AssistTM with TeleService is part of the optional Premium Package or can be ordered separately as a stand-along option.

BMW Ultimate Service(TM) includes:

The BMW Maintenance Program is the only no-cost maintenance program in the industry that covers wear and tear items like brake pads and rotors for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. BMW owners pay nothing for all scheduled inspections, oil changes, brake pads, wiper blade inserts and other wear-and-tear items.

BMW Roadside Assistance is one of the industry’s most comprehensive plans available. Not only is it no-charge for the first four years, but there is no mileage limit. BMW drivers enjoy the assurance of on-the-road help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This includes everything from flat tire changes, emergency gasoline and lock-out assistance, to towing, alternative transportation and even trip-interruption benefits. This service also includes valuable trip routing advice.

BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty: All 2008 BMW passenger vehicles are covered by BMW’s excellent Limited Warranty, which includes:

New-vehicle warranty – four-year/50,000-mile coverage of the vehicle.
Rust-perforation warranty – 12-year/unlimited-mileage coverage.

BMW AssistTM provides the driver with services that enhance on-the-road security and convenience, for added peace of mind. It is a part of the optional Premium package and can also be ordered separately as a stand-alone option. BMW is the only vehicle manufacturer that offers this service for four years at no additional cost. Most other manufacturers cover only the first year of service.

The in-vehicle equipment for BMW AssistTM includes GPS technology and hands-free communication functions accessed via buttons in the overhead or center console. Vehicle occupants may request emergency or other services simply by pressing a button; the BMW AssistTM system then transmits the location and vehicle information to the BMW AssistTM response center. A response specialist will then speak with the occupants to coordinate dispatch, notify emergency contacts on file, and link BMW Roadside Assistance or emergency services as needed and requested. A severe accident automatically activates the BMW AssistTM call as well. The BMW AssistTM Safety Plan also includes Remote Door Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Recovery services, which can save the owner time and money.

TeleService automatically notifies the BMW center when a vehicle will need service. This feature allows the Service Advisor to proactively set up a customer appointment and have the needed parts ready.

BMW AssistTM subscribers can also enroll in the BMW AssistTM Convenience Plan (available at an additional cost of $199 per year) to avail themselves to many BMW AssistTM Concierge services, from travel planning to dining reservations, shopping assistance and event tickets, as well as receive directions, and traffic and weather information. A selected destination and its phone number can be sent directly to the on-board navigation system and Bluetooth®–linked mobile phone, after a push of the new Concierge button. The Convenience Plan also includes Critical Calling, a new service that connects the driver in case their mobile phone is not in the vehicle or its battery is discharged. After pushing the SOS button, a BMW AssistTM response specialist will link the driver to his requested party for up to five minutes and for up to four events per year.

As before, the BMW AssistTM system includes Bluetooth® hands-free phone connectivity with hands-free phonebook access and dialing by name or number via the steering wheel controls. Use of this feature requires a customer-provided compatible Bluetooth® mobile phone.

Performance with a conscience

BMW strives to produce its motor vehicles and other products with the utmost attention to environmental compatibility and protection. Integrated into the design and development of BMW automobiles are such criteria as resource efficiency and emission control in production; environmentally responsible selection of materials; recyclability during production and within the vehicle; elimination of CFCs and hazardous materials in production; and continuing research into environmentally friendly automotive power sources.

Tangible results of these efforts include the recycling of bumper cladding into other vehicle components; water-based paint color coats and powder clear coats; near-future availability of hydrogen-powered models; and various design and engineering elements that help make BMWs easier to dismantle at the end of their service life.

Lexus to launch a BMW 1-series competitor

I guess it didn't last long! Lexus is already going after the BMW 1-series by developing a new entry level model. Rumor is they will carry the moniker's i220d, i250 and i350.

Auto Motor und Sport is reporting Lexus is building an Euro-version only for right now. But I'm sure that Lexus will go after the North American market as well. The japonese manufacturer knows that the the 1-series will be a great hit for BMW by seeing all the hype that the BMW 135i has created at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Now let the spy photos game begin and the BMW vs Lexus comparisons flow.

BMW 1-series official colors

BMW has decided to release the exterior and interior colors that will be available for the upcoming BMW 1-series(135i, 128i). These colors will be available only the for U.S models.


- Alpine White

- Crimson Red

- Jet Black


- Titanium Silver

- Blue Water

- Sedona Red (E82 Only)

- Sparkling Graphite

- Montego Blue

- Monaco Blue

- Black Sapphire

- Cashmere Silver



- Taupe (New Color)

- Black

Boston Leather:

- Cream Beige

- Gray

- Taupe (New Color)

- Coral Red

- Black

Interior Trims:

- Gray Poplar Wood

- Light Poplar Natural Wood

- Brushed Aluminum (TBD) Will not be ready at SOP.

BMW 1-Series Coupe: Wheel & Tire Program

128i Base wheel:

Style: 256

Size: 8×17"

Tire: 205/50R17 (All-Season)

128i Sport Pkg. Wheel:

Style: 262

Size: 7×17" (f), 7.5×17" (r)

Tire: 205/50 Front (Performance)
225/45 Rear (Performance)

135i Base Wheel:

Style: 264

Size: 7.5×18" (f), 8.5×18" (r)

Tire: 215/40R18 Front (Performance)
245/35R18 Rear (Perfromance)

135i Optional wheel (no cost):

Style: 142

Size: 7×17"

Tire: 225/45 (All-Season)

Great topic at forums

BMW 1-series Official Brochure

Finally, the official BMW 1-series brochure has been released. We have already seen the European version and now, breaks the news with the first scans of the US version of 128i and 135i brochure.

Here is the interesting part from this brochure: Weight of the 135i is 3,332 lbs, 239 lbs less than the 335i coupe. Do you know what that means? Hint: faster and cheaper

BMW 128i spotted again in California

The same BMW 128i that was spotted a week ago in California, it has been seen one more time being tested on the 210 highway. This time the quality of the photos is better and the car looks sharper than ever. For those of waiting anxiously to see the car, well, the L.A Auto Show will be the event where BMW will reveal this beauty.

Official 1-series Brochure available for download at

For those of you looking to get the pdf version of the BMW 1-series official U.S. brochure that we have posted last week, you can go to the BMW site and actually download the brochure directly.

The link is: BMW 1-series Brochure

BMW M3 4-door sedan photos

Thanks to the guys at, I’m bringing you the new BMW M3 4-door sedan. The recent photos that were taken in Germany show the new M3 with no camouflage and in a black exterior color.

The previous BMW M3 sedan photos that were taken at Nurburgring were showing a silver sedan but it was a little disguised so we couldn’t really see and analyze the body style. Remember, this is the first BMW M3 sedan since the E36 models back in the 90’s.

The M3 sedan will be unveiled next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show and edBMW will have some new pictures for you and some new reviews. In the mean time, these photos will keep us entertained.

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

BMW M3 sedan

E92 BMW M3 Video

The people at have been very fortunate to have the chance to test drive the new E92 BMW M3. As we’re getting closer to the launch date, more and more reviews are starting to come in and the number of spy photos has increased as well. In our latest 2008 BMW M3 spy photos , we have seen the M3 sedan version being tested on the german streets.

Now, to get back to our video, the guys at have done an amazing job testing the M3 and they shared with us their findings. The video is a little long but it’s definitely worth it.

Recent 2008 BMW M3 photos

The new BMW M3 due to launch in 2008 in the United State, has already been showing up at some italian dealers. During the past few months, edBMW has covered the 2008 BMW M3 in many articles.

I hope this hasn’t bored you yet but we’re just trying to share with you the excitement that this new BMW brings. Today, we’re going to show you some new photos that were taken at an italian dealer. This M3 comes in a Silverstone II exterior color and a black interior.

The 19″ wheels found on this car are probably my favorite and the best I have seen on all the M3 photos so far.

So, let me ask you again: those of you that in the past stated that the E46 M3 is still better looking, have you changed your opinion at all?

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

2008 BMW M3

Customer takes delivery of new 2008 BMW M3

A UK customer has just taken delivery of a new 2008 BMW M3. This is the first customer review I have seen since the M3 has been released in the Europe. Thanks to the guys at, we can share with you his thoughts and opinions on this new amazing car that BMW has designed.

Well folks, I went to my dealer this afternoon, expecting to pick my car up tomorrow, and ended up driving home in it. How happy am I!!! I've attached a few pictures to let you see ho Jerez Black really looks and will give you my first impressions after 60 miles or so in the car. I've also attached a picture of the demo car my dealer has. The red colour looks so much better in real life than in any of the pictures I have seen. if anyone has ordered it and is worried about how it will look, don't be. It's awesome!


So, let's start with the colour, as I see this has been talked about quite a lot on here recently. Jerez Black is definitely a bit of an enigma. It's definitely not a standard black and, in fact, ranges from glossy black under certain daylight conditions to a matt purple under forecourt lighting. When the sun shines on it you can definitely pick out the purple flecks in the black and it really does stand out. I'm really pleased with it and, having seen some other colours, think it was definitely the right one to go for. Now, more of a surprise to me was the Fox Red leather. I had no idea what it would look like in real life and took a real leap of faith in accepting this colour. In the photographs that I had seen it looked really bright, almost orangey, but in real life it just looks stunning! There is a lot of black in the interior - carpets, steering wheel dash etc., and this contrasts really well with the red. It is quite a deep red, darker than I was expecting. My next M3 is due around November, but is still spec. changeable, so I will definitely be losing the Silverstone with black and changing it to Jerez with Red again. When I first drove the car it felt a little strange. I guess I still had the magazine reports in my head and so expected it to feel like it had lost its edge and, to be honest, that's exactly how it felt. The steering was a little vague and light, the suspension a little too soft and it just didn't feel like the wild child we’ve come to expect from BMW’s M division. I also found the throttle response to be a little vague. When I pressed the pedal, I wasn’t hit with the wall of acceleration I found in my M5 and M6. I knew something wasn’t right, so I ventured into the i-drive and configured the M-Drive settings. With the settings changed to my liking, I set off once again and immediately noticed the difference! Unlike its M5 and M6 stable mates, there is no increase in power when you hit the M button, but the other settings are there – dampers (assuming you specify EDC), DSC and a general change in the whole response of the car. You don’t see the same Jekyll and Hyde change that you experience in the 5 or 6, but it does still become a different animal! Suddenly there was response when I pressed my right foot and the steering seemed to give more feedback. I’m still on the run in period, so can’t go above 5,500 rpm, but there is a lot of power waiting to be unleashed. One thing I did find, though, is that you do have to keep the revs up above 4,000 to get the best from the engine.


Servotronic steering has had a lot of bad press in the past, but I have to admit, I like it. Although the feedback isn’t entirely natural, it is nice to have light steering at low speeds and more ‘feedback’ when going fast. This is also configurable in the i-drive and, from what I can tell, setting it to Sport mode causes the steering to become a fair amount heavier. It still feels a little artificial, but it is certainly not numb, as a few magazine articles have suggested. You do still get a reasonable degree of feedback from the road. There are a couple of things I really miss in the car. SMG is one. This, for me, was one of the highlights of the M5 and M6. I would love to see it in this car as I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to change up a gear today, only to wash my windows instead! Another thing I really miss is the head-up display, but I guess I can live without it. Without doubt, the highpoint of this M3 is, as always, the engine. Yes, it sounds a bit dull on start-up, but once you give it some revs, it really comes alive and roars back at you. It is a joy to listen to and is going to sound amazing through a tunnel at 8,000 revs! Acceleration, up to 5,500 revs at least, feels pretty linear, so you don’t get the shove in the back that you feel in, say, a 911 Turbo, but I get the feeling that, once the run-in period is out the way, there is a lot to come from the last few thousand revs. The brakes also feel up to the job, on the road at least. I’m still bedding them in, but they have a nice feel to them and do an excellent job of slowing you down. The only downside to the brakes is that the pedal is set a little high, making heeling and toeing quite tricky. Blipping the throttle on the downshift is not easy. I haven’t really explored the handling to any great degree yet, although I did hang the back end out on one roundabout and managed to give myself a bit of a head rush as I flew round another and changed direction to exit. The EDC setting definitely makes a difference to the feel of the handling and the amount of warning you get before it breaks away. As with the M6, go for the stiffest setting and there is very little warning, but the car still feels very controllable. More on that when the tyres have had chance to bed in. I still have to explore some of the entertainment options, like the DAB radio and the USB connection for music players, but the Logic 7 Hi Fi is definitely worth the money. The sound quality is amazing! I also love the adaptive headlights. They’re one of those options you don’t notice you have until you drive a car without them. Visibility in corners is fantastic.

E92 BMW M3 vs. E46 CSL M3

Here we go with another comparison. In a previous article, we were comparing the E92 BMW M3 and E46 M3 based on their body style. I have seen this trend on many forums where people have been posting photos of the two models and discussing the advantage or disadvantages of one over the other, but no live footage.

Today, we're going to show you a video that compares the two M3s , a comparison based on their handling, speed and road presence. In the end, it seems that the E92 BMW

A little warning, the video it's not in English, but that shouldn't stop you for seeing it. It is worth it.

Top Gear Magazine reviews the new BMW M3

In the October issue of Top Gear Magazine the new BMW M3 is taken to the Isle of Man along with the following driver’s cars:

Audi R8
Ariel Atom
Caparo T1
Renault Megane R26
Ford GT
Jaguar XKR
Aston Martin Vantage
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
Ferrari 599
Porsche 911 GT3.

Different reporters were allowed to test the car and their views are related below:

Matt Master: What needs highlighting is just how real-world this car is. Everything else we took to the Isle of Man was in some significant way flawed, even Jeremy’s beloved R8 that neither Bill nor I could change gear in comfortably because the clutch travel is hampered. But the BMW is perfect in every respect. Good looking and respectable with the Wanker Factor set low, easily the most usable with four seats, big boot and comfortable ride, and, of course, at any given time or place, astonishingly fast.

Paul Horrell: Yes, the Jag is a mighty GT. And when I was following it in the GT3, the Porsche couldn’t reel it in on a straight. That’s proper all-round talent, though naturally not as rounded as the awesome M3. When you lean it into a bend it gives you usefully more sensation of the road than the old one did. Yet when you’re not flat-out, it’s more refined. How did they manage that? Brilliant. Oh, and the V8 isn’t just about 8k-plus mania. It’s got torque too. I don’t think any other car here gives you so much exotic engineering for every pound sterling. It’s not just a souped-up 3-series – it’s truly fit to touch the hem of any car here, including Ferrari’s.

Matt Master:
The M3 is the car I have to end up championing, even with money no object. Beset by image problems as it doubtless will be, and less desirable as it doubtless is against the big guns here, it’d be the car I’d most happily live with, share experience with, fall back on in a crisis, ravage in a rash moment. It’s not perfect, and it’s certainly not the car I most want, but it’s the car that’d let me sleep deepest at night.

Pat Devereux: Was I the only person not to get on with the M3? It’s got tons of power but you’ve really got to thrash it far more than you should have to in a car with a 4.0-litre V8. Actually, it’s not just the engine that has masochistic tendencies. The whole car gets a bit sulky if it’s not being bent sideways into a corner. We all like a car that likes to be thrashed, but I also want one that works with me when there isn’t the space to do so sanely. The M3 doesn’t do that. You dance its tune, or dance alone.

Interesting views, isn't it?

Well, I always look at these reviews as a personal opinion or choice, so in my case, I need to test drive the car before I make a decision on whether I like the car or not.

BMW M3 E92 Product Training Book

The guys at have managed to get their hands on the BMW M3 E92 product training book. The booklet offers many details, product information, technical information on the new BMW M3.

On top of this, it also shows some interesting comparisons between this 2008 BMW M3 and previous M3 models. For those of you that are looking for technical details on bearings, spring struts, etc.. then you will find this product book very interesting.

Download: BMW E92 M3

E92 BMW M3 Comparison with E46 M3 and E92 335i

In my previous article, I have posted the BMW M3 E92's product training book and after reading the whole pdf file, I have decided to post a comparison between this new M3, the previous E46 M3 and the most sold BMW car this year, the E92 335i.

In the past, I have already made several comparisons, between the 2008 BMW M3 and the E46 M3 , but I was only focusing on the design part and the body style changes.

This time, this comparison will offer only technical details, such as Power, Weight, Torque, Acceleration, dimensions, etc



BMW M3 Sedan High-Res Photo Gallery

We thought it would be interesting to write an article so we can show you more photos with the BMW M3 sedan, photos that have been released yesterday.

Since this article will only include photos, we're done with the chit-chat, so please, sit back and enjoy them.

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery

BMW M3 sedan gallery